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Hot Cocoa Bar Ideas - Creative Hot Chocolate Bar - Coffee & Hot Chocolate Bar Ideas

Nothing says ‘winter is coming’ quite like a hot chocolate bar. Hot cocoa bars are so popular, and people are looking for creative ways to make their hot chocolate bar stand out. We're here to help you create a hot cocoa bar to match your style for your next party! We love this cute set-up via Pen + Paper Flowers.

1. Hot Chocolate Bar Sign

Hot Chocolate Bar Sign Printable - Printable Hot Cocoa Bar Sign - Pretty Collected

Bring some serious attention to your hot chocolate bar with a festive sign! You can find festive printable signs for your hot chocolate bar that can be downloaded and printed at home! Check out our hot chocolate bar signs here. 

2. Add a Variety of Toppings

Hot Chocolate Bar Supplies - Perfect Hot Chocolate Toppings - Hot Chocolate Bar Pinterest

Toppings are literally the "cherry on top" for any hot chocolate bar. You can go nuts with the options and include everything from tiny marshmallows and s’mores to crushed nuts and cereals.

3. Festive Hot Chocolate Mugs

Hot Chocolate Bar Mugs - Mugs for Hot Chocolate Bar - Pretty Collected

Display cute mugs that complement your hot chocolate bar! Your guests will love sipping their hot cocoa in cute mugs!

4. Hot Chocolate Jar Favors

DIY Hot Chocolate Jar Favor - Pretty Collected


Package up a hot chocolate kit in a mason jar for fun favors for your guests

5. Marshmallows on a Stick

Marshmallow on a Stick for Hot Chocolate Bar Dippers

Do make marshmallows on a stick because they are sooo pleasing to the eye and your taste buds! Stick your marshmallows onto candy cane sticks or paper straws, either one will do the trick! Then dip them in chocolate and sprinkle on some pretty sprinkles! 


6. DIY Hot Chocolate Spoons

DIY Hot Chocolate Spoons for your Hot Chocolate Bar - Pretty Collected

Make some tasty hot chocolate spoons! Your guests will love dipping these flavorful spoons into their cups of hot chocolate. This will take their experience to the next level. Added bonus - your hot chocolate bar will look so pretty!


7. Hot Cocoa Bombs

These Hot Chocolate Bombs are the perfect decadent treat to indulge in! All you need to do is pour warm milk over the hot chocolate bomb in a mug and watch the bombs explode!


8. Cute Tree Shaped Christmas Marshmallows

Celebrate the holiday night by roasting yummy pine tree-shaped marshmallows with your family and friends. These roast up PERFECTLY to make the gooiest s'more center!

9. Snowflake Shaped Christmas Marshmallows

 Hot Cocoa Bar Toppings - Snowflake Marshmallow

Bring on the snow with these snowflake shaped marshmallows!! They will look so perfect at your hot cocoa bar and your guests will love them!


10. Hot Chocolate Reindeers 

These hot chocolate reindeers are super fun, easy to use, and taste great! Makes a great stocking stuffer! All you need is hot water or milk! 



How to Make a Hot Chocolate Bar - DIY Hot Cocoa Bar - Pretty Collected



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