Champagne Balloon Garland Instructions - Pretty Collected

Champagne Balloon Garland Instructions

Thank you for ordering our Champagne Balloon Garland! 

Please follow the instructions below to create your own garland! 

Champagne Balloon Garland Kit - Bachelorette Party Decorations - Pretty Collected

When Should I Make My Balloon Garland?

Your balloon garland can be made a day prior to your event. However, it will look best if you make it the day of your event. Also, the sun can wash out the color of the balloons, so if you will be making your garland in advance, please store it out of the sun or out of direct sunlight. 

Blow Up Your Balloons:
How to Blow Up Balloons Using Qualatex Air Pump - Pretty Collected

If you ordered the balloon pump, then you will place the balloon on the pump, firmly hold the balloon onto the the tip of the pump (to prevent air leakage), and pump your balloon.

Be careful not to overfill your balloon or it will pop. You will get a sense, by looking at it, when it is close to full capacity. 

Once your balloon is filled take it off the pump and tie a knot.

* We also recommend blowing up all your balloons first, then attaching them to the balloon decorating strip.

How to Create a Round Balloon Versus an Oval Shaped Balloon:

How to Make a Balloon Round - Balloon Decorations - Pretty Collected

If you want to give the balloon a more rounded out shape, then you can lightly push the balloon against a table top or floor, all the while releasing just a little air to help give it shape. This will flatten out the top of the balloon, so it will have less of that oval shape that it will naturally create. Once you are happy with the size and shape, then tie a knot.

Attach Balloons to Balloon Decorating Strip:

How to Use a Balloon Decorating Strip to Make a Balloon Garland and Balloon Arch - Pretty Collected

(Photo was from another garland)

Leave the first balloon hole empty - this will be used for attaching your balloon garland to the first command hook when you are ready to hang your garland. 

On the second hole begin attaching your balloons. You will first pull the balloon knot through the larger hole, then slide it to the left into the smaller hole.

* TIP: Be sure to only pull the balloon through to the knot. Do not pull past the knot as you will increase your chances of popping the balloon. 

How to Make a Balloon Garland Using a Balloon Decorating Strip - Pretty Collected

(Photo was from another garland)

Alternate sides in which you pull the balloons through the strip. This will give the balloon garland dimension. 

Also alternate the colors and sizes of the balloons you attach to the balloon decorating strip. 

I recommend starting and ending your garland with a gold balloon. Then you can alternate between the white and gold balloons as you please! 

When you are done, be sure to leave 1 hole at the other end of your balloon garland empty, so you can hang it on the Command hook.

Hang Your Garland:
How to Hang Balloon Garland Using Command Hooks - Pretty Collected

(Photo was from another garland)

Since you want to make it look like the balloons are champagne pouring into the glass, you want to angle your garland downwards. Place your first Command hook on the wall where you want your balloon garland to start. Give it a minute or two before you place the garland on the hook. 

Once the garland is on the first hook, you then pull the garland downward, and place your second hook on the wall where the garland ends. 

Leave the Command hook on the wall a few minutes before hanging. Pull your balloon garland to meet the second hook and hang.

Hang the Champagne Bottle and Glass:

Now that the garland is hung, you can use some tape to secure the champagne bottle and champagne glass to the wall. 

Champagne Bottle Balloon Garland for Bachelorette Party Decorations - Pretty Collected

Take a step back and admire all your hard work! If you love it, then you can leave it.

If you want to adjust the movement you can pull balloons forward or push some back. The balloons on the garland are pretty flexible. For example, if a gold balloon is hiding in the back you can swing it to the front and the garland will not fall apart. 

Also, if you want to adjust the color placement, then you can pull some balloons out of the holes and move swap them out with other balloons.