Mini Ghost Instructions - Pretty Collected

Mini Ghost Instructions

Thank You for Ordering Our Mini Ghosts!
Please Follow These Instructions for Sealing These Mini Balloons
Mini Ghost Balloons - How to Blow Up and Seal - Pretty Collected
Common Question:
Why don't the mini ghosts stay sealed like the big ghost or other foil balloons?

When the mini ghosts were ordered we didn't realize they were meant to be placed on sticks and sealed with heat. Instead of choosing to not offer them to our customers we decided to find a workaround because they are soooo cute!

A lot of smaller shaped foil balloons cannot be blown up with helium and are not made to float, so we figured this would be treated the same. We apologize for the extra steps, but hope you still love them just as much as we do!


The ghost balloons can stay nice and full for several days, so if you need to, you can fill them up a day or so before your event to save yourself some time!

STEP 1: Use Straw Included to Blow Up Balloon

How to Blow Up Mini Ghosts

Blow up the ghost using the straw included in your order. Once it is fully filled, hold tight at the neck of the balloon to keep the air inside.

STEP 2: Twist to Lock In Air

Twist to Seal Ghost Balloon - How to Fill Ghost Balloon

Once your ghost has enough air inside the balloon twist the bottom to create a seal and lock in the air.

STEP 3: Tie a Knot

Tie a Knot - How to Blow Up and Seal Mini Ghost Balloons

Tie a knot and now your ghost balloon is all blown up! You can tie two knots if you want, but only one is necessary.

STEP 4: Tape It

Tape It - Create a Seal for your Mini Ghost Balloons

Tape the end of the balloon to the back, so you can hide it.

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