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Guess the Sweet Mess - Unicorn Printable

Have a little fun with some chocolate at your unicorn baby shower with this "Guess the Sweet Mess" game! All you have to do is buy 4 different kinds of chocolate. Melt the chocolate and press it into 4 different diapers. Place the number cards in front of each diaper. The guests will get the chance to guess what chocolate is melted in each dirty diaper. They get can guess by smelling, tasting, or touching each chocolate. The participating guests will use the answer cards to write down their answers. The guest with the most correct answers WINS! 


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Card Sizes: 8x10, 5x3.5, & 3.5x2

File Sizes: 

For the sign you will receive an 8x10 PDF file

For the answer cards you will receive an 8.5x11 file with ten 3.5x2s formatted on the page, with crop marks for cutting. 

For the number signs to place in front of each diaper you will receive an 8.5x11 file with four 5x3.5s formatted on the page, with crop marks for cutting.

Files: PDF 

How to Print: Print at home or at a local print shop. I recommend using cardstock.