6 Creative and Useful Hobbies to Try - Pretty Collected

6 Creative and Useful Hobbies to Try

December 15, 2020 3 min read

6 Creative and Useful Hobbies to Try - Pretty Collected

There is a wide range of hobbies that people enjoy as a way to pass time, entertain themselves, or even make money. If you are looking into taking up a new hobby, why not try one of these creative activities, which are also useful. We compiled a list of some of our favorite hobbies. We hope you feel inspired and try a few of them out!


6 Creative Hobbies - Sewing - Pretty Collected 

The possibilities when it comes to sewing are endless! As a beginner, you may find that blankets and cushions are a good place to start. As you progress, you may move on to quilting or accessories. If you prefer to sew by hand, there are lots of toys and gifts that can be created, no matter your ability and equipment.

With practice, you may be able to move onto sewing clothes. No longer will you need to spend hours searching stores and trying on badly fitting dresses – you will be able to make your own to your individual measurements in your favorite fabrics! Mannequins such as this type will also make it much easier to make clothes the right size and shape.

Knitting, Crochet & Tapestry

6 Creative and Useful Hobbies - Knitting

Knitting is another hobby that, with practice, could see you making your own clothes, accessories, and furnishings. No longer seen as something that only older women do, it has become popular among younger generations in recent years. Crochet and tapestry have also grown in popularity, and these items are often popular at craft fairs.

Soap Making
6 Creative Hobbies - Soap Making - Pretty Collected


With people becoming increasingly aware both of our impact on the planet, and the amount of chemicals we are exposed to, natural, handmade soaps and toiletries are becoming more popular. Buying these products can come with a big price tag, but the good news is that you can easily get hold of everything you need to make them yourself. There are many different methods you can use to make your own soap, depending on adventurous you wish to be.

Other products you could try are salt or sugar scrubs, body lotions, bath bombs, and lip balms.

Cooking & Baking

 6 Creative and Useful Hobbies - Cooking and Baking - Pretty Collected

Most people can prepare themselves a meal but being a truly good cook takes practice. Cooking in itself can be a hobby, but why not take it further? Artisanal food is incredibly popular, and people are willing to pay a lot of money for it because it is fresh, contains fewer additives, and is high quality.
Baking is another popular hobby, and there are some amazing cake artists out there! If you are able to bake and decorate a cake well, it will save you money on buying them for celebrations, and if you are particularly good at it, you may get commissions for birthdays and other occasions.


6 Creative and Useful Hobbies - Woodworking

The art of woodwork is at risk of being lost with an increase of factory-produced furniture. However, there are so many facets to it that it is beginning to appeal to a wider range of people. If carpentry isn’t your thing, you could try carving, whittling, or even pyrography. Whatever you prefer to try, you will be guaranteed to produce a truly unique piece of furniture.


6 Creative and Useful Hobbies to Try - Upcycling - Pretty Collected

Millions of tons of furniture are thrown away each year, much of which is in perfectly usable condition. Upcycling old furniture not only saves it from landfill, but also provides you with a unique item, sure to be a talking point. Upcycling could include anything from a fresh coat of paint or reupholstering, to turning a tired piece of furniture into something completely different!

These hobbies are not only great for your entertainment, but are often environmentally friendly, better for you, or even save you money. Remember, when it comes to creative hobbies, there are no rules, and the only limit is your imagination!

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