7 Tips for Throwing the Best Bachelorette Party - Pretty Collected

7 Tips for Throwing the Best Bachelorette Party

June 16, 2017 0 Comments

7 Best Bachelorette Party Ideas - Pretty Collected

Is your BFF getting hitched and you can't wait to throw the perfect bachelorette party? Well put your party planning hat on and get the ball rolling early because it's going to be a panty-throwing ride (just kidding, bottle-popping ride)! 

1. It's All About the Bride

Whether you are setting out to party hard in Vegas or keeping it low key in town, the main goal is to keep the bride-to-be in mind when making all decisions. It's not about living vicariously through her and doing everything the bridesmaids want to do - it's all about the bride!

What to do first? Sit down with the bride-to-be and see what type of night or weekend she wants. Take this time to ask away... Where does she want to go? Does she want an overnight or weekend away? What dates is she available? Keep it classy or just go raunchy? Who does she want to invite? Ask as many questions as possible, then do your best to keep her out of the loop! Brides have so many things on their plate in the last two months leading up to the wedding, so keep the bachelorette party low maintenance by keeping her out of the loop (even if she'd rather know all the details)!

Bride to Be Veil with Gold - Bachelorette Party Ideas

Bride to Be Veil

I'm Getting Married Bitches Mug

I'm Getting Married Bitches Mug

2. Mark Your Calendar

Reach out to the bridesmaids and all the other friends the bride wants to invite. Offer up a few dates and pick the one that most the girls can make it to. Now you've got yourself a date and location!

DIY Bachelorette Party Invitations with Itinerary

DIY Bachelorette Party Invitations with Itinerary

3. Buckle Down the Budget

While you're in communication with the whole party crew do ask about everyone's budget. Who plans to stay the night versus who wants to get away for just the day. Nailing down a budget will help in the party planing process. 

4. Theme it Up

Based on where the bachelorette party will take place toss around a few themes. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Tropical Luau Pool Party
  • Nautical Boat Party
  • Bohemian Backyard Party
  • Backyard Fiesta
  • Naughty Pole Lesson Party
  • Co-ed Bachelor/ette party
  • Spa Party
  • Wine Tasting Party Bus

Pick a theme and go to town decorating the suite or party space. Let your imagination run wild!

Bachelorette Party Decorations and Ideas

Bachelorette Party Bar Decor

The Best Bachelorette Party Decorations

Bachelorette Party Decorations

Beach Party Bachelorette Party Ideas

Beach Party Bachelorette Theme

Bachelorette Party Drink Hangover Favors

DIY Hangover Favors

5. Matchy Matchy

 Matching is a must - it's so fun and totally gets the crew in the mood!! You don't have to have matching swimsuits, you can opt for matching hats, tanks, color dresses. Whatever you choose keep in mind that the bride should stand out, so make sure something is different about her!

Matching Swimsuits for Bride and Bridesmaids at Bachelorette Party

Bride and Bridesmaids Matching Swimsuits

Gold Team Bride Tattoos for Bachelorette Party

Team Bride Tattoos

6. Give Her Props

Opt for some fun photo booth props and big mylar balloons, so you can celebrate in style.

Bachelorette Party Photo Booth Props

Bachelorette Party Photo Booth Props from Ginger Ray

Engagement Ring Balloon - Bachelorette Party

Engagement Ring Balloon

7. Make Her Blush

Get the groom involved and make the bride-to-be totally blush! Talk to the groom and have him write something special in a card or send a bottle of champagne to the room. Trust me, the bride won't be expecting it at all, which just makes it so much more special!! 

Bachelorette Party Tips and Ideas

Champagne Display

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