Fiesta Bridal Shower Ideas - Pretty Collected

Fiesta Bridal Shower Ideas

February 20, 2022 2 min read

Fiesta Bridal Shower Ideas - Pretty Collected

Fiesta, fiesta! Looking for a festive and fun theme for a bridal shower or baby shower? You should definitely host a fiesta themed shower! What's so fun about themed showers is that you can encourage guests to dress up according to the theme, and you can create an amazing experience for your guests from the invitations all the way through to the favors!

Being that Cinco de Mayo is such a popular holiday, I thought you'd enjoy some great ideas and inspiration to host your own fiesta party or shower. 

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Fiesta Bridal Shower Invitation - Fiesta Shower Invitation

Get your guests excited for your fiesta bridal shower with this gorgeous fiesta themed invitation!

Fiesta Bridal Shower Decor - Fiesta Party Decorations - Cinco de Mayo Decoration Ideas

Greet your guests with floating balloons and festive tassels! 

Fiesta Shower Dessert Bar - Cinco de Mayo Desserts - Fiesta Party Decorations

Make your guests salivate with a gorgeous fiesta dessert bar!

Fiesta Wedding Shower - Fiesta Bridal Shower - Fiesta Engagement Party

Encourage guests to get dressed up! Why? Because it's just the festive thing to do! We're loving this fiesta shower sign too!

Create a fiesta themed backdrop with this vibrant fiesta balloon garland!

Do sprinkle in llama balloons throughout your party!

Llama Pinata for Cactus Fiesta Shower - Llama Birthday Party - Llama Shower Decorations - Pretty Collected

Go llama crazy with the CUTEST llama pinatas EVER! Can we just order all of them?! There's so many ways you can use these pinatas to compliment your fiesta party decor - fill them up and hang them to let guests hit them at the end of the party, place them on the desert table, put a little one on a cake.... The possibilities are endless. Click here to see the tallest pinata on the table, which is the 22" pinata.

Llama Pinata Decorations - Llama Birthday Party Pinata - Llama Shower Decor - Fiesta Shower Decorations

This 18" Pinata is great for dessert table decor or a baby's birthday pinata! This little llama is almost too cute to break!

Llama Pinata Favors - Cinco de Mayo Favors - Fiesta Party Pinatas
These cute little donkey pinatas make the best favors for your fiesta party guests! Fill them with your favorite tiny pieces of candy and showcase them on a festive table for your guests!

Fiesta Bridal Shower Decorations - Bride and Groom Wedding Shower Ideas - Fiesta Themed Party - Pretty Collected

Bring on all the balloons! Bridal Shower balloons make the best photo booth props for the bride and groom-to-be! You can't go wrong with a giant champagne bottle and engagement ring! 

Cactus Stir Sticks - Fiesta Party Decorations - Fiesta Shower Decor - Cinco de Mayo Decorations

Accent your cocktails with these glitter cactus stir sticks. They are so perfect for a cactus fiesta shower!

Fiesta Cookies - Fiesta Bridal Shower Decorations - Dessert Table Cookies - Fiesta Party Decor

Fill your dessert bar with these fiesta cookies that look too pretty to eat. These are a bridal shower must, and your guests will LOVE these fiesta themed cookies! I mean how cute is this combination of llamas, cactus, sombreros, chili peppers, and maracas?!

Fiesta Bridal Shower Backdrop - Fiesta Shower Decor - Cinco de Mayo Decorations

Bring your fiesta shower to life with a vibrant backdrop!

Margarita Bar - Fiesta Bridal Shower Decorations - Cinco de Mayo Decor

Create a margarita bar cart filled with your favorite tequila and mixers! 

Fiesta Decorations - Fiesta Bridal Shower Decor

Decorate, decorate, decorate! Go to town decorating every area of your party. This Final Fiesta banner is great accent to the cake table.

If love these fiesta bridal shower ideas, then PIN this image and save it for later! 

Fiesta Bridal Shower Ideas - Fiesta Party Inspiration - Cinco de Mayo Decorations

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