How to Celebrate a Birthday at Home with a Virtual Birthday Party - Pretty Collected

How to Celebrate a Birthday at Home with a Virtual Birthday Party

April 15, 2020 2 min read

How to Celebrate a Birthday at Home with a Virtual Birthday Party - Pretty Collected

Birthday Party Decorations for Birthday at Home - Flamingo Birthday Party - Balloon Garland DIY - Pretty Collected

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Stuck at home for your birthday? Say hello to the VIRTUAL BIRTHDAY PARTY! Just because we're social distancing doesn't mean you can't  celebrate your birthday or host a virtual birthday party for your children, family members, or friends. With some really creative ideas a virtual birthday party can be just as fun as an in-person celebration! Ready to spark your creativity? Check out our list of super fun ideas to have the best stay at home birthday party ever! Quarantine or not, you're guaranteed to have a great time!

1. Pick a Theme: Virtual Birthday Party Themes:

Adult Birthday Party Themes:

  • Virtual Cocktail Hour
  • Virtual Workout Party 
  • Virtual Pamper Party 
  • Virtual Cooking Lesson Party
  • Virtual Yoga & Meditation
Kids Birthday Party Themes:
  • Virtual Pajama Party
  • Virtual Pizza Party
  • Virtual Safari Animal Party
  • Virtual Costume Party
  • Virtual Carnival Theme
  • Virtual Craft Party

    Virtual Cocktail Party - Virtual Happy Hour - Virtual Birthday Party at Home

    You can never go wrong with a virtual cocktail party on Zoom!

    Virtual Birthday Party - Virtual Workout Session

    Virtual Workout - Virtual Birthday Party Ideas - Sunny Leone

    Virtual Workout via Sunny Leone

    Virtual Cooking Party - Virtual Cooking Class

    Virtual cooking classes can be so much fun!

     Virtual Pizza Party - Virtual Birthday Party Ideas

    How sweet is the virtual pizza party for a kid's birthday!

    2. Pick Your Birthday Party Decorations:

    To make a birthday celebration feel festive, you have to have some decorations! Whether you have a theme or not, balloons are always a great way to create a backdrop or decorate your space. A great way to surprise your child would be to get all the balloons blown up the night before, so your child can wake up to a festive home or bedroom! 

    Kids Birthday Party Decorations - Kids Birthday at Home Ideas

    How cute is this Sugar Plum Fairy Inspired birthday party!

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    Gold Balloon Garland Kit - Birthday Party Decorations

    Shop this Gold Balloon Garland Kit 

    Birthday Party Decorations - Gold Balloon Garland Kit

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    Fiesta Party Decorations - Fiesta Party Decor - Fiesta Balloon Decorations

    Birthday Party Decorations - Fun Birthday Party Decor - Home Birthday Party

    Shop these Lips Balloons

    Host a Birthday Parade:

    Host a birthday parade for the birthday girl or boy, or a best friend who could use some cheering up and celebrating! The best part about a birthday parade is you can still bring your favorite people to you, they just can't stay and hang out. Birthday parades can range from a quick drive-by to a few friends parking their cars and chatting 6 feet away for a few minutes. The best way to go about a birthday parade is to set a time for everyone to show up and then all the cars come at one time. 

    Don't forget to get creative! Make signs, wear party hats, honk, bring gifts... There are so many ways to make this a fun and memorable experience! 

    Birthday Parade - Stay Home Birthday Celebration Ideas - Drive By Birthday Parade

    Sweet Birthday Parade

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