The Best Vertical Vegetable Garden to Grow Your Own Food - Pretty Collected

The Best Vertical Vegetable Garden to Grow Your Own Food

March 20, 2022 2 min read

The Best Vertical Vegetable Garden to Grow Your Own Food - Pretty Collected

If you've been dreaming of growing your own fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs, but have failed at having a green thumb, then I have the PERFECT solution for you - a vertical farmstand! Let's face it, gardening isn't as easy as it looks. It's one of those things that you want to do every year when Spring rolls around, but the thought of soil, a garden bed, seeds, and water all manage to complicate it. Well I searched high and low for an easy-to-maintain garden and found this hydroponic farmstand! Not only does it look super cool with it's modern white aesthetic, but it also takes all the responsibility off your shoulders.

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DIY Vegetable Garden - Easy Home Garden - Grow Your Own Food

Benefits of this vertical garden farmstand:
  1. Farmstand is easy to assemble
  2. Self-watering
  3. Self-fertilizing
  4. Choose from 200+ varieties
  5. Non-GMO veggies, fruits, and herbs
  6. Pre-Sprouted plants with a 3 week headstart
  7. Increase in success rate
  8. Grow indoors and outdoors
  9. Uses 95% less water than traditional gardening
  10. Easy to maintain
  11. 5 farmstand sizes to choose from depending on the number of plants you want to grow at one time
  12. Reordering plants is quick and easy
  13. Growing tips from the experts
  14. Recipes for all your home grown fruits and veggies

DIY Vegetable Garden - Easy Home Garden - Lettuce Grow

Once I decided I had to have this farmstand for my family all I had to do was:

  1. Pick which size I wanted. I chose the 30 plant stand which is 5'5".
  2. Pick my seedlings
  3. Place my order

Lettuce Grow Farmstand - DIY Hydroponic Vegetable Garden

When my order arrived I couldn't wait to put it together! It was super easy and quick to assemble.

  • Build the stand
  • Place the seedlings in the cups
  • Add water and fertilizer
  • Set the timer
  • Plug into an outlet

DIY Vegetable Garden - Lettuce Grow Farmstand - Hydroponic Garden - Pretty Collected

DIY Garden - Easy Gardening - Plant Lettuce - Grow Food - Lettuce Grow Veggie Garden - Pretty Collected

Lettuce Grow Seedlings - Grow Your Own Food - Garden Plants - Pretty Collected

DIY Vertical Planter - Hydroponic Garden Farmstand - Lettuce Grow - Grow Your Own Food - Pretty Collected

It really is that easy! Now comes the easiest part - watch my cute little seedlings grow! Since the stand is self-watering, I don't have to do a thing! Well, except for add fertilizer once a week. In as little as 3 weeks my fruits, veggies, and herbs were ready to harvest! It was so satisfying to know I grew it all myself!

Check out this progress pic just 9 days later! If you love the idea of growing your own food, then you have to check out this hydroponic farmstand from Lettuce Grow. It's a great feeling knowing your food isn't treated with pesticides and chemicals!

DIY Home Garden - Vertical Planter - Vegetable Garden - Fruit Garden - Lettuce Grow Farmstand - Pretty Collected


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